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Great mission of Phuong Dong General Hospital

Our country, Vietnam, is reaching to the new status in the world. Every day, a factory, a high rise building or a new shopping center is constructed somewhere in the country. However, on the way of development, we not only enjoy economic benefits but also have to accept the downsides of industrialization and modernization.

One of the most obvious negative effects is the health decline of the Vietnamese people. Dust from factories and pollution from production facilities is pushing more and more people to hospitals every year. This constitutes an overload in health facilities across the country and forces the Government to declare to put health care as the nation’s top target.

Phuong Dong General Hospital of Oriental Medical Complex Co., Ltd is constructed with the hope of the founders who wish to create a place that not only welcomes and treats patients but also brings them a comfortable “at-the-hospital” experience – where the patients can put their trust.

Phuong Dong General Hospital, with the motto of providing the best medical services for everyone, is ready to receive patients regardless of being rich or poor. In addition to the goal of developing high-quality medical services to serve high-income subjects. Every year, the hospital will also spend 30% of profits to bring health services to disadvantaged people, those who are subject to policies and those with low income. This is an objective that has been affirmed by the founders and received great support and applause from the Government and the international organizations.

Located in the area of Co Nhue 2 Ward – Bac Tu Liem District – Hanoi City, in the residential areas and urban areas: Co Nhue residential area (a population of 80,000 people), West West Lake residential area (a population of 24,000 people), Ciputra urban area (a population of 50,000 people) and North Co Nhuom Chem urban area (a population of 19,000 people), Phuong Dong General Hospital promises to be a reliable medical examination and treatment address for nearly 180,000 Hanoi residents who need to use high-quality medical services.

The project is invested in many items, including the main buildings, the aesthetics and physiotherapy center, professional training center, the inpatient house, the sport area, the anatomical area and the funeral home. The project is divided into several phases. In the first phase, Phuong Dong General Hospital will be constructed with 250 beds. Currently, the construction of the hospital is being implemented with the goal of putting the hospital into operation in the fourth quarter of 2017.

In addition to the completion the hospital, Oriental Medical Complex Co., Ltd. is also carefully selecting those who will run the hospital. A team of prestigious experts and doctors from large hospitals in Vietnam and abroad such as Korea, Czech, Malaysia, etc., have been recruited to from the key personnel apparatus for the hospital. This team is currently in charge of recruitment, personnel training for the hospital as well as making plans for management and investment in developing examination and treatment technologies and modern medical equipment for the hospital to ensure that the hospital will operate according to the principles stated by the founders in the future.

It can be said that the Phuong Dong General Hospital has fully implemented preparations and been ready to carry out its great mission of bringing health, joy and happiness to everyone.


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