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General introduction about Phuong Dong General Hospital

Investment and development of a high-quality hospital is a cherished desire of Intracom because it is not only an investment but it also has a profound social meaning, contributing to improving the health and living quality for Vietnamese people. Based on research on advanced hospital models in the world, Intracom has decided to invest in building Phuong Dong General Hospital according to the model of a high-quality, international-class general hospital with perfect services.

In addition to focusing on investing in the construction of advanced infrastructure and equipment in accordance with the world standards, the Hospital also pays great attention to hospital services and culture issues. In Phuong Dong General Hospital, patients will receive comprehensive care and absolute respect.

Phuong Dong General Hospital project covers an area of nearly 10 hectares, with more than 1000 beds and support service areas. It is located in Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi City.

On the basis of Vamed’s study and assessments on the domestic units, opinions of experts in the health sector as well as the advice of management experts, the Board of Management has decided on the roadmap for implementing and operating Phuong Dong Hospital Project in phases, in which phase 1: Investing in a tower to operate the Hospital with 250 beds.


At the Hospital, all inpatient and outpatient rooms are built according to 5-star hotel standards. In particular, the VIP room system serves patients on demand.
The hospital is invested with 2 President rooms with special standards, such as large area, modern equipment, and full of security to serve when needed. Inpatients are served with nutritious diets and on-site service.

In order to further improve the medical examination and treatment, the Hospital also has a system of supporting medical centers with high-tech technologies such as:

+ Rehabilitation area, tumor center, infertility center, endoscopy center, etc.
+ Communication system is also invested synchronously, connected to all rooms of hospitals, medical centers at home and abroad, creating international professional links to enhance capacity for the examination and treatment.
+ Other technical infrastructure of the project such as shelters, warehouses, laundry areas, parking lots, restaurants, lift transport systems, waste treatment area, firefighting systems are also invested and properly arranged.


Phuong Dong General Hospital is also designed based on the concept of a green space where the hospital tower is located in the overall landscape area with regulating lake, greenery system, walking area, sport area, cafes, giving patients a comfortable and friendly atmosphere as they are on a vacation.

With stable and sustainable development objectives, the training and scientific research, especially the cooperation with medical training centers around the world will be considered as one of the important tasks of the hospital.

With the best effort and strategic vision, the Board of Management strives to bring Phuong Dong General Hospital to become one of the private hospitals with perfect services, meeting JCI standards with the motto “Caring for life”.


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