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On the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day October 20, Intracom Group held a gala to congratulate and honor women throughout the Intracom Group with the theme " Intracom Love".

Every step of Intracom Group is indispensable for the great contributions of women. The beautiful, talented, and brave “wonder woman” of Intracom Group are talented female leaders who hold important positions in the company; are young, dynamic, and enthusiastic employees; are excellent doctors, nurses, and dedicated nurses; are the laborers who are always diligent and meticulous… They are also the mothers and wives of the family. Regardless of position, the women of Intracom Group always complete the job well.

Leaving behind the hustle and bustle, the women of the entire Intracom Group appeared gorgeously and beautifully at the congratulatory dinner on October 20 organized by Intracom Group to honor women.

In a poetic space with shimmering lights on West Lake on a fantastic autumn day, Intracom Group women have kept beautiful moments with the Board of Directors and colleagues in front of an impressive background to celebrate October 20.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet gave a speech at the opening of the party, congratulating all Intracom Group women as well as acknowledging their dedication to the company. He hopes that 365 days out of the year, women will be loved, cared for, and shared without having to wait for any holidays or special days because women always deserve more than that.

In a warm and joyful atmosphere, the Board of Directors and staff cheered to congratulate Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20 with all love and respect.

Throughout the gala, Intracom Group women were led from one surprise to another; enjoy special art performances; participated in the photobook contest “Intracom Rose” with attractive prizes; participated in minigames to receive instant gifts and lucky draw with many super valuable gifts including 01 Dell Inspiron Laptop, 01 Casper 50 inch TV, 01 Philips oil-free fryer, 20 Travel Suitcases.

The party honoring Intracom Group women contains the respect and affection of the Board of Directors, the Intracom Group’s men towards women, and has brought many levels of emotions, leaving behind feelings of love and connection and connection of Intracom Group. Wishing all women always be beautiful and radiant 365 days a year and shining with Intracom Group!

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