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Full Moon Night 2019 at Intracom

The event was the concern of the Board of Leaders to the spiritual lives of Intracom employees and an occasion for children to enjoy the Moon sighting in the Mid-Autumn Festival.


 Mrs. Bui Thi Thoa – Deputy General Director of Intracom gave the opening speech and her greetings to


Mid-Autumn Festival


Besides excellent performances at the beginning of the event as magic repertoires, a circus with balloons, all children would receive little lovely presents from Phoebe and the Moon Boy when taking part in answering funny quizzes.



Children’s performances


Ton Ngo Khong attractive performance was full of surprises


The lovely Mid-Autumn Festival tray with animals pruned from fruits for children



Those smiles and sparkling eyes in a successful Mid-Autumn night full of happiness exposed the most meaningful gift from Intracom toward children.

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