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Explore Intracom Group’s office lunch canteen

Working at the Intracom Group office (33 Cau Dien, Hanoi), you will "wholeheartedly" work without having to worry about what to eat today, where to eat, how to ship, rain or shine,. .. because Intracom's canteen located on the 19th floor of the building is "transmitted" as extremely luxurious - genuine - smooth. Let's visit the canteen at noon to see how real this place is that makes Intracomers "falling in love"!

The lunch area of ​​the 19th floor canteen of Intracom office

At Intracom, all office workers join the online group “19th Floor Assembly Hall” – where the kitchen staff sends menus, people register for meals and give feedback on meals. Every Monday at the beginning of the week, the kitchen staff sends a detailed menu of dishes from Monday to Saturday for all staff to understand and register actively.

Example of a weekly menu of Intracom’s canteen

At 12pm, from all working floors in the building, Intracom employees gathered on the 19th floor to have lunch. Whoever comes first will line up first, whoever comes after will stand behind. Everyone calmly waited for their turn to take their meals. “Line up” has become an “unwritten law” in the behavioral culture of Intracom people. However, the queuing time is not long, only about 1-3 minutes because the kitchen staff has many people, and at the same time, the operation to get things for everyone is also very fast and proficient.

Professional, enthusiastic canteen staffs serving thoughtful lunches

Each person chooses to take the portion of rice according to their need. Food will be picked up by the kitchen staff. Each meal is always full of 3 savory dishes, 1 vegetable dish, and 1 soup dish, providing all 4 groups of nutrients: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. It’s not only some simple and popular dishes such as wormwood fried eggs, roasted shrimp, boiled meat, braised fish, etc.. but also some well-prepared food such as Hainanese chicken, fried chicken with fish sauce, burnt meat with garlic, quail eggs Tamarind sauce, fried chicken with honey, fried eggs with five colors… On Saturday, the last working day of the week, the kitchen often serves a special dish for lunch with hot noodle soup. Condiments such as fish sauce, soup powder, lemon, kumquat, chili… are always prepared for people to arbitrarily add to the dish to suit their taste better.

The canteen’s Hainanese Chicken is loved by many Intracomers

On an area of ​​more than 500m2, the Intracom Group dining room is spacious and airy with many windows for natural light. Tables and chairs are neatly arranged and clean. At lunch, everyone can sit where they like. This is also an opportunity to exchange between members of different departments in Intracom, helping people expand their relationships and strengthen connections through lunches together.

The chef’s cooking area is separate from the staff’s dining area, equipped with a modern ventilation and exhaust system, so the space does not smell like food. Cool air-conditioning keeps everyone’s lunch comfortable, even on record hot summer days.

The dining room is clean, airy, full of natural light

Always focusing on saving and efficiency factors, Intracom encourages employees to eat all their meals, both for employees’ health and to protect the environment and save social resources.

After eating, Intracom employees put back their chairs and bring their trays to sort at the side door of the kitchen. This not only helps the kitchen staff clean up more quickly after lunch, but also helps each Intracom form a culture of “Integrity” – integrity, self-discipline.

Lunches at the office help employees not have to worry about lunch every day, ensuring nutrition for working health. Lunch break at the Intracom office takes place from 12:30 – 1:30, after having lunch, everyone can quickly move down to the office to take a lunch break and regenerate energy, instead of having to work hard. Going out to eat or ordering food delivery takes time. Therefore, many people who have the habit of bringing rice to work sometimes do not bring home-cooked meals for lunch at the company to change the taste.

The lunches of officials and employees at the canteen are partially supported by Intracom Group. Although the market is going through a period of escalating prices, Intracom’s safe – diverse – nutritious rice meals are still priced at stable prices. Supporting lunch for employees is a job that shows Intracom’s care and concern for employees’ health.

A lot of people love Intracom by the canteen lunch

There is a funny saying that: “The shortest way to love is through the stomach”. Among many reasons for Intracom people to love the company, besides suitable work, desired salary, good colleagues…, there is also a special reason for nutritious – safe – delicious lunches at the canteen.

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