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Difficulties of the workers operating hydropower plants

If you have a chance to visit a hydroelectric plant, you will be impressed by the bustling and noise of operating machines. For Intracom’s power operators, working all day and night in a noisy environment is not a simple thing. To overcome that situation, in addition to the protective equipment, it is the passion and work love that has helped them to associate with their work.



The electricity operation also requires a lot of time. The operators at power plants are always on duty 24 hours per day by shifts on all days of the year including holidays and Tet. With such a time requirement, the staff must always have a special mode of living. Staying up at night is normal, and therefore, meal time is also affected.

In addition to the difficulties in time and working environment, the most difficult thing for the main operators is the failure and malfunction of the machines. Mr. Tinh (an electricity operator of Nam Pung Hydropower Pant, Bat Xat, Lao Cai) shared: “In order for the electricity operation to be uninterrupted for too long, we must find out the cause and remedy immediately. The simple incident takes us a half of day or one day to fix, and complicated incident may take us a week. During that time, all have to make all their efforts regardless of the day and night to solve the incident as soon as possible.”


Although the work is so hard, the spirit of the operators at Intracom’s hydropower plants is undaunted. After the repair of the machines, despite the fatigue and the body being soaked with motor oil, they still maintain the optimistic and cheerful spirit and encourage each other. For the operators, becoming a part of the electric operation team of the Intracom’s hydropower plants and bringing light to all places is their pride and opportunity for self-training and is responsibility for work and life.


For the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday, as well as those of the past years, the operators here sacrifice the joy of reuniting with their families to stay on their duty on Tet to keep the smooth current. Wish all workers in Intracom’s hydropower plants to complete their tasks well and a warm Tet with their colleagues.

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