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Cuu Hoa Son Dao held the opening ceremony in 2018

Attending and demonstrating the ceremony was the presence of Zen monks, monks, nuns and monks, Truc Lam Sung Phuc monasteries and monasteries. Truc Lam Tay Thien, Truc Lam Tue Duc Zen monastery, Truc Lam Yen Tu monastery, Tinh Tran Ba ​​Ria – Vung Tau … and all Buddhists of the Nine Flowers Hoa Son.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the ceremony of reciting Buddha’s prayers for the family, minutes entering the compassionate and remembrance words of self-esteem: An Tam Bao, the grace of the parents and the Fatherland, the people and the donation of ten thousand types; pray for the new world of peace, peaceful beings.

Next, Venerable Thich Tam Thuan – Abbot of Truc Lam Sung Phuc Monastery opened the ceremony with the words of the words, highlighting the correctness of the Buddha Dharma because it was the result of the Buddha’s experience in control, with The desire to educate them to enter into the Buddha of Wisdom, giving sentient beings the path to escape suffering is happy. The Venerable has also made a plan for Buddhists to Learn – Understand – Follow the Dharma, follow the example of Buddha, the Group and devote more devotion to Thinking and understand deeply the law of Causality and Impermanence, discovering yourself as well such as instilling Dharma to apply to daily work at the company, at home. In addition, he also gave 6 Buddhist Vows to Buddhists of Buddhism: “Always practice joyful discharge; Always diligently committed to karma; Lifetime is a filial son who is grateful and grateful; Always diligently diligently attacked the monk to realize enlightenment; Always benefiting people who are not tired ”.

After listening to the preachers, Dharma Head Minh Tan – Chairman and General Director of Intracom Company and the Executive Board of Trang Cuu Hoa Son offered the transparency, asked the first year for a new year of study. Venerable monks have demonstrated, promised and joyfully proclaimed to the whole masses the first words of the year with great meaning, wonderfulness and the whole masses have vowed to study.

The opening ceremony of Trang Cuu Hoa Son Dao took place solemnly according to Buddhist rituals, showing respect to the three teachers. This is also the culture of Intracom in maintaining longevity and developing Buddhism.

The ceremony marked the maturity of Buddhists of the Nine Flowers Buddhism in many years of study. Following that spirit, the Venerable Master will have a successful year of study, Buddha Dharma is applied deeply to the work and life of Buddhists.

Some photos at the ceremony:

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