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Cuu Hoa Son ashram organizes the Dharma period in June 2017

June 24, 2017 (ie June 1 of the lunar calendar), Trang Cuu Hoa Son has solemnly held a periodical period of Buddhist activities in June 2017, at Intracom 2 Building, Phuc Dien Ward, Bac Bac District. Tu Liem, Hanoi City. Quang Lam and the ceremony demonstrated the presence of the teacher from Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen school.

Exactly 7h30 Trang Cuu Dao Hoa Son dignifiedly bowed to Chu Ton Duc, the Chief Justice of the Palace and recited the penitentiary, prayed for peace, recited the Three Precepts of the Three Precepts and prayed for a happy new month.

As usual every Buddhist activity, Buddhists of the Nine Rivers Buddhist Temple are allowed to participate in the meditation session, meditation always brings Buddhist goods in both material and spiritual benefits. Meditation helps the mind, but when the mind is calm, the human mind will be more optimistic.
After the meditation retreat, Vajrayana was told that the Venerable Thich Thong Pho came from the Tue Quang monastery. In the sermon part, Buddhist goods were listened to the philosophy of life of Buddhist teachings. Whoever is born must also be born – old – sick – death but not so that the mind is not able to rise up, the rise to succeed is not something abstract. To prove and explain to Buddhists understand Dai Duc Thich.
Universal Priests explained the story of the Buddha’s retired story to find a new method of death that could resolve everything. Also in the sermon, the Venerable Thich Thong Pho pointed out that the five elements were “Self Tri, Self-Sufficiency, Self-Mastery, Self-Made and Self-In”. Accordingly, the first 3 steps will help the intelligent manager to be intelligent and want to know that he must know himself, he must know for himself.
The lecture of the teacher helped the Buddhist goods to be more diligent, the Buddhist activity ended with a solemn compose of the Nine-Tailed Path.

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