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Congratulations on 1 year of Phuong Dong General Hospital opening

A year ago – February 24th, 2019 – the opening ceremony of Phuong Dong General Hospital (a brand of Intracom Group) took place at No. 9, Pho Vien, Co Nhue 2 Ward, Bac Tu District. Liem, Hanoi, creating a new option for high-quality medical services for all people with a team of experienced medical experts, advanced medical equipment, luxurious and modern infrastructure following the hospital-hotel model.



After 1 year of opening, the hospital has become a reliable medical examination and treatment address for people living in the capital and neighboring provinces. The hospital by far has welcomed more than 28,575 customers in person and 70,022 customers in delegation; implemented more than 1,000,000 procedures, tests, and imaging diagnostics; more than 2000 inpatients; 555 surgeries, of which 365 parturitions, etc. The hospital has also regularly carried out programs on public healthcare, charitable examination, helping people to access high-quality medical services.



Not only well organized the implementation of medical examination and treatment activities but Phuong Dong General Hospital also effectively launched emulation movements, social activities, charitable fundraising activity “Phuong Dong Heart” to support patients with poor circumstances in-hospital treatment, showing the responsible spirit to the community.


Phuong Dong General Hospital has become a permanent blood donation location, creating conditions for local people and neighboring areas to participate in blood donation, contributing to reducing blood scarcity.



The success of Phuong Dong General Hospital today is based on the effort and wisdom of the Board of Directors, doctors, and hospital employees. Those contributions are always remembered, appreciated, and promoted.



On the occasion of the 1st anniversary of the opening of Phuong Dong General Hospital, Ms. Bui Thi Thoa – Deputy General Director of Intracom sent a flower basket to congratulate the milestone to the hospital.


This is a special event for all Intracom employees to look back on their one-year journey, at the same time marking a period of development with new and ever-growing goals.



The way ahead is full of challenges, but with the support of Intracom along with the belief, determination, and solidarity of the Board of Directors, the medical team, and employees, Phuong Dong will continue to fulfill the mission regarding healthcare for the people.

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