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Children today – The world tomorrow

Care and protect children – our innate responsibility

Placing children as the core of development, Vietnam has been ratified by the United NationsConventionn on Child Rightsatn a very early stage. On December 20th, 1990, this convention was enforced in Vietnam.

There are four highlighted articles, such as “General Principles”, that realizes the fundamental Covenant rights for all children. Those things include:

1. Non-discrimination (Article 2)
2. The child’s best interest (Article 3)
3. Right to live and develop (Article 6(
4. Right to be heard (Article 12)

Along with the United Nations Convention signing, Vietnam also enforces the Children’s law. Those are legal documents expressing the rights of children as well as the responsibilities of family and society in caring for and protecting children.

Generational care – A developing policy of Intracom

“Children of today – The world tomorrow” – Understanding the important role of a child within family and society, these past years Infrastructure and Transportation Investment Construction Joint Stock Company (Intracom) have established and developed policies to take care of preschool generations – the future owners of the world

Youth care is one of the underlying principles of Intracom. In our employee policy, Intracom always dedicates a part of its budget to the children of the staff. Annually, on Children’s Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, Intracom hosts fun events, providing the opportunity for children of employees to interact with each other and learn more about their parents’ work. These events establish and deepen the bonds between each Intracom member.

This year, facing the pandemic, even though Intracom could not organize activities, the company still sent out gifts to their employee’s children. The gifts serve not only as a physical but spiritual encouragement for kids to strive for education and life.

With its mission of providing support in study and talent acquisition, Intracom gives awards annually to Intracom’s children with excellent academic achievements to motivate and encourage them to maintain and further their academic achievements.

“Children of today – The world of tomorrow”, each child today is a great resource of development for the country. For Intracom, the core of our development is also people. Taking care and fostering high-quality talent derives from nurturing the children today. Therefore taking care of the material and spiritual aspects of employees, as well as their families, remains Intracom’s greatest priority.

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