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Chairman of Intracom Nguyen Thanh Viet: ‘Happiness is to serve others”

The harsh Central region give birth to pre-eminent men

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet (born in 1963) was born in a poor village in the Huong Son mountainous area, Ha Tinh Province. His childhood is encapsulated in two words: “Poor” and “Miserable”. Because the Central land of the country is too harsh with Laos wind burning skin and flesh, storms and floods. But for Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet, if the nature does not pull people down, nothing will make us get down.

The poor land of Central region with the harsh nature has nurtured resilient and solid people. Living in the harsh environment that the people here can overcome the circumstances, it is certain that their vitality and bravery is also very resilient.

Talking about the harshness of the Central of Vietnam, Mr. Viet often compares it with that of Israel, where arid desert accounts for 90% of the territory. However, Israel has made the whole world admire for its “miraculous” agriculture.

Currently, Israel is the world’s major exporter of agricultural products and a leader in agricultural technology. As of 2014, agriculture accounted for 2.5% of GDP and 3.6% of export value; Israel itself produces 95% of its food demand.

Looking at the country of Israel, Mr. Viet wonders: “Why we cannot make flowers bloom in my poor hometown while the flowers are blooming in the middle of the desert?” why are we not better than them while the Central also have the same harsh nature but compared to Israel, it is not worth mentioning?

That is what motivates Mr. Viet throughout the process of learning and building his career of life. It is like a challenge, a reminder to himself about the will win the nature and fate.

The arrogant man with the craziness of the successful person

Graduating from a university, Nguyen Thanh Viet, a young man, sets his own goals:  to be an enterprise manager in 3 years, to be a director of the company in 6 years, to be a general director in 10 years, to become a Minister in 15 years and to be Deputy Prime Minister or Prime Minister in 20 years later (laugh)!

He remembers that when he graduated from the university and worked at Song Da Company, he said to the commander of the construction site: “If I am not appointed as the commander, I will quit my job; I am not an employee”. In the end, the commander must arrange his work.

He shares: “I once told my family members that: If my life is like another person’s life, I will end my life because if you want to succeed, you have to be different.”

Everyone lives once only, and such young man then did not want himself to be like many others, just a draft of life. Until now, when he looks back, he does not deny the period of time when he was arrogant.

He confides: “For the days I started my work, I had to conflict with others to express myself because those days I did not know about Buddhism, I wanted to show myself. Later, when enlightened by Buddhism, I understand that my self is too big, so I need to change it.”

But for him, there is an opinion that has not been changed until now, that is: “Successful people are often crazy.”

The irrigation engineer and the turning point of his life

Graduating from high school, like many others at the same age, the youth, Nguyen Thanh Viet must make an important choice of his life. After many choices, Thuy Loi University is the place where Viet started his student life.

In 1985, he graduated from the university, then worked at Song Da Company for 16 years with many leadership positions from the manager of the factory to the director of the company, etc.

In 2001, a friend persuaded him to work for Hanoi Housing Development and Investment Corporation (Handico).

In 2002, he split up to establish Infrastructure Investment and Transportation Construction Company (Intracom). By 2006, the company conducted equitization. This is a turning point in the development of his career as well as the company.

It is said that the marketplace is a battlefield, but he says: “The marketplace is a place for people with different thoughts. Don’t follow the way of others. Limit conflicts and find your own way. What people consider to be a abandoned thing, pick it up and do it; what people consider to be gold, let them do it.”

And he asks himself: “What is the ultimate goal of my life?”

The question is still more precious than gold ”- Mr. Viet says.

The fate with Buddhism

He was born and raised during the wartime; his family had a tradition of revolution; he grew up in a subsidized and socialism period, so the values of life and outlook on life were different from them now.

He comments: “At that time, people lived and worked just for devotion. However, since 1990, the market mechanism has changed the old life values, and human relations have been changed.”

As a researcher of many conceptions of Confucianism, Taoism, Faoism etc., but when the country entered the period of market mechanism, the values that seem to be  permanent has been changed, he think: So what has not been changed? In the 1990s, he often met a friend who was a writer. They often talked about philosophical issues, literary religions, etc. He was given a prayer book with the title: Kinh Thu Lang Nghiem.

“I like reading books. If I have a book, I must read them all but I don’t understand it at all. Every year, I read it again, but still don’t understand. Reading it for 6 consecutive years, I still do not understand it, but what I do not understand, I want to read. I later learn that it is the most difficult prayer book in Buddhism, “- he says.

After that, he met the Buddhist monk, Thich Thanh Tu (Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen), listened to the explanations of this Buddhist monk, and he is enlightened to the philosophies and truths in this prayer book. Buddha teaches people to live with themselves. He is enlightened that this is the path he will follow to practice. Since then, he has followed Buddhism.

He comments that, since the enlightenment, he has changed 180 degrees. Buddhism teaches people to do good deeds, not to see that they are doing good things, not to see what they are giving others but to see the bigger than their own value and to gently give it to others with the righteous mind. That is the way to blend your mind with the Buddha’s mind.”

When we understand that, we do business but it is not doing business but we are doing business,” he says.

With the enlightenment of Buddhist teachings to live and work happily, he established Cuu Hoa Son with the desire: “When something is good, the first thing I want is to share it with my relatives who are my employees because I want everyone to understand the spirit and philosophy of the leader and the company, from that every work created by Intracom has a heart in it. The heart here is the buddha heart in each person and the Intracom collectives.”

Attaching the heart to each product

Mr. Viet has built and developed business attached to Buddhism. Buddhism appreciates the dedication to the community to bring happiness to others. That is also the goal to which he and Intracom always aim.

He shares: I follow Zen Buddhism. When you pour water, you need to know you are pouring water, and when you drink water, you need to know that you are drinking water, etc. In short, when we do anything, we have to send our hearts into it. Thus, the products of Intracom are also in the same spirit, all must be put their hearts into the products. It is the love and belief of Intracom to create products, each house and give them to customers and all people.

Intracom creates products, each house and gives them to customers, and everyone.

How can we make a good product if we don’t put our heart into it?

When you are happy and put your whole heart to the products, it means that you are living with the Buddha, being enlightened.

Everyone is his/her own Buddha. One living with a Buddha in his mind is in the Buddha realm.

I send the message of “where you work, put your heart there” to the staff. The company’s products are not aimed at 5-star and luxury products but focus on serving the majority of Vietnamese people, in accordance with their income and with the company’s criteria. I also wish to do most for the community and serve as many people as possible.

Out the spirit is that we will be completely responsible for our products. Japanese and German big companies and corporations still have defects and they constantly fix changes.

With that spirit, Intracom is always aware of improving its products and minimizing possible errors. If there is an error, immediately correct it without waiting for the customers’ request. We never give up our customers and believe that our customers never give up us.

In Intracom, there is always a spirit and a guideline for employees that: “We are very happy when serving people and always hope you are happy.”

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