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Chairman of Intracom Nguyen Thanh Viet decides to attend Shark Tank Season 2

Shark Tank Season 2 will be participated by many quality start-ups in many areas, with the majority of startups in the technology sector.

According to information from the Organizers of Shark Tank program, the first season ends with 22 deals committed to receiving investments on television. The total investments are VND 116.651 billion.

As soon as the program ended in February 2018, the investors and startups have quickly deployed business appraisal stages to sign the investment contracts and carry out the disbursement.

After 4 months, 7 companies have completed the signing of investment contracts and received disbursements from the investors in the program. Some other companies are continuing to complete the appraisal and their documents so that they can receive capital from the investors.

“However, there are also some companies failing in the process of business appraisal by the investors. This is also the experience for startups to better their preparation when they call for investment capital,” Shark Tank organizers said.

Under the advice and guidance of the investors, the startups of the season 1 have made positive developments such as Tigtac, Emwear, Ogami, Supership, Phleek, Thuy Tam Vinegar and Soya Garden.

Especially, Soya Garden convinced Shark Thuy with an ambitious plan that is Soya Garden will become the first organic food chain in Vietnam with 30 stores nationwide.

Following the success of season 1, Shark Tank Season 2 starts with the attendance of the entrepreneurs Nguyen Xuan Phu (Chairman of Sunhouse Group); Thai Van Linh (Operations & Strategic Director of VinaCapital Venture Capital); Pham Thanh Hung (Vice Chairman of Cengroup) and Nguyen Ngoc Thuy (Chairman cum founder of Egroup).

Especially, in season 2, there is the attendance of 4 professional investors and famous entrepreneurs in Vietnam and the region. They are Mr. Nguyen Manh Dung (Dzung Nguyen), Director of CyberAgent Vietnam & Thailand Fund, a professional investor with 11 years of experience in the field of venture capital, having experience leading more than 20 startups successfully such as Tiki, Foody, Vatgia, Luxstay, Topica, etc., Mr. Louis Nguyen, Chairman and CEO of Saigon Asset Management (SAM), Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet, Chairman – General Director of Infrastructure Investment and Transportation Construction Joint Stock Company (Intracom), and Mr. Dang Hong Anh, Vice Chairman of TTC Group, etc.

It is expected that Shark Tank Season 2 will be broadcast in early July 2018.


According to Vneconomy

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