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Chairman Nguyen Thanh Viet: “Startups need breakthrough thinking”

Shark Tank – The second billion-dollar silver deal returned with new faces. This year, one of the hot seat investors is Chairman Nguyen Thanh Viet – Chairman of the Board, General Director of Intracom Transport and Infrastructure Construction Investment Joint Stock Company.
Sharing with VnExpress, Chairman Nguyen Thanh Viet expressed many views on small-scale startups, investment “appetites” of businesses as well as the quality of a young entrepreneur.

Reporter: How do you assess the capabilities and opportunities of start-up companies with relatively small initial business models in the program?
Intracom Chairman Nguyen Thanh Viet: I think that if you want to do big things, you should not underestimate small things. The business ideas of startups now have two noticeable points. First, they are beginners, so current thoughts can be the source of great ideas in the future. Young start-up entrepreneurs today remind me of my own image 20 years ago, starting small. To replicate innovations, business models, startups need launchers. Large businesses are looking for new partners to further develop their ecosystems. Therefore, we want to listen and know where it is really a breakthrough idea to be able to do business and invest. For start-up companies, it’s okay to start small-scale as long as you notice “If passion carries you away, keep rationally holding the reins”.

Reporter: What is the viewpoint of President Nguyen Thanh Viet in choosing startups with Intracom at this year’s program?
Intracom Chairman Nguyen Thanh Viet: Companies and start-up entrepreneurs attracting my attention need elements of courage, persistence and market demand. In the specific investment field, I will not limit to the areas that I have previously participated in such as construction, real estate … Intracom currently pursues many businesses and wherever we are also studied seriously. So if we have the opportunity, we will not ignore it. Startups should be bold, need breakthrough thinking, not follow the path.

Reporter: How does President Nguyen Thanh Viet think about the starting point of enterprises, the state economic project may make him difficult to invest with young startups in the operating phase of the economy other than 20-30 years ago?
Intracom Chairman Nguyen Thanh Viet: I have found that because I have gone through a rather long time as a state-owned economy, then I switched to a private economy so I understand quite well the aspects related to state management, Macroeconomic in general. Besides, I also understand how to make the private economy look like. So, I’m sure these experiences are enough for me and startups to find a common voice.
In addition, I think that the Shark Tank startups in the second season do not simply stop at the purpose of finding their own investors, but will consider the factor of finding someone who can think and start a business. Participating in the game, startups need a comprehensive perspective from investors, judges. For me, this is a more pervasive and inspiring point. The main problem is that investors can bring logical thinking and influence to the business community, especially for startups who are not able to participate in the program.

Reporter: How does President Nguyen Thanh Viet prepare himself and himself for the pressure, great expectations from the public for the “shark” to participate in the program?
Intracom Chairman Nguyen Thanh Viet: I am an introvert, so I only care about what I can do and how to do it. What makes me exist and develop must first go from internal forces. Of course, I can’t say I don’t take any pressure from public opinion. But a businessman, leader must dare to accept the pressure and pressure from the outside. Each person in particular and businesses in general have positive and limited aspects. The
Information to entrepreneurs, investors, or businesses should be taken in any serious manner. Since then, the new leader has a way of recognizing and behaving properly so that he not only fosters himself but also fosters for business development. Not sure a good comment has been helpful for entrepreneurs and businesses. Sometimes the feedback that goes against the common thinking of the majority can help me have a better opportunity to contemplate and improve.

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