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Chairman Nguyen Thanh Viet orients the future for Hanoi University of Civil Affairs students

“Learn when others sleep;
Labor when others are lazy;
Prepare when others play and
There is a dream when others only know desire “.

That is the “mantra” of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet – Chairman – General Director of Infrastructure and Transport Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (Intracom) for new students in the Faculty of Office Administration, Truong Dai Study Interior at the program “Welcome new students in 2016 – 2020”.

As a guest – a strategic partner of Hanoi University of Internal Affairs, on this occasion, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet has had very interesting and useful sharing:

“Firstly, because you were able to study in Hanoi, it was Thang Long ancient, with the tradition of thousands of years of literature, each of Thang Long’s land was deeply imbued with the national identity of Vietnam but only one of them had blood in them. Vietnam just understands. Not all universities are in Hanoi.

Secondly, the University of Home Affairs is one of the prestigious specialized training schools.

Thirdly because the Faculty of Office Administration is one of the faculties with the class of teachers who need to preserve their humanity.

There is a saying that: “To open a door we need knowledge, but to keep an open door we need humanity.”

We believe in the training environment of the Office of Administration, believe that you will learn here not only knowledge but also humanities.

Come to you, we have some simple suggestions as follows:

First, learning is the key, students are the center so we do not make students extra time, learn to learn, as much as possible.

Learning in the curriculum, learning outside the curriculum.

Study in school and study in soft skills centers.

Learn to keep Vietnamese National identity.

Second: should participate in social, charitable activities, general activities of faculties and schools.

This work has two aspects that help communicate and help spirituality.

Third: there are things that should not be afraid of being too good, such as Foreign Language, Office Informatics, life skills, pressure-bearing skills and may be general in accounting and finance.

Fourth: You should practice your self-reliant, confident and open lifestyle.

Know how to build dreams and know how to make dreams come true

Fifth: should study and work, earn extra economy, train personal financial control skills, accumulate professional experience.

However, it should not be much to influence learning. “

At the same time, through the program, Intracom expects and believes in the success, ambition and aspirations of teachers and students of the University of Home Affairs in general and the Office of Office Administration in particular; specific short-term and long-term objectives and plans in the cooperation between the two sides in the trend of integration and development.

In order to motivate, encourage, encourage the spirit, create inspiration for the new course, representatives of Intracom have awarded 10 scholarships to students with the highest achievement in the last exam and have gifts Especially for leaders of the Office of Administration.

Some pictures of the program:

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