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Celebrating the birthday party for Intracom employees in November

In order to create a friendly working environment, improve the solidarity among members of Intracom’s common house, on the afternoon of November 18, Intracom organized a birthday party for employees with birthdays in November. Welcome combination, launch new members. The party was attended by the Board of Directors, representatives of the Trade Union, heads, departments and all staff of Intracom.

As a monthly activity, this program continues to be an opportunity for Intracom’s common roof members to interact and converse to understand each other, entertain and sing together, contributing to reducing pressure. After a week of work and mental comfort on weekends.

At the party, Trade Union representatives sent their blessings to health, happiness and success to employees who have birthday on this occasion, and warmly welcomed 13 new members joining Intracom. Thereby, the Trade Union Department also sent encouragement to motivate the spirit of all Intracom employees, together to build Intracom to develop stronger and stronger.

Also at the party, employees with birthday in November also sent their sincere and profound thanks to Intracom for creating conditions for people to have meaningful moments, have the opportunity to share their thoughts and gatherings. intertwined.

The birthday party is held in a very fun and warm atmosphere with some fun games and music performances to help remove all embarrassment of new members and tighten feelings between cities. members in the company.

Here are some photos of the party:

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