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Celebrating the birthday of Intracom staff in December

Instead of congratulations, Transport and Infrastructure Construction Investment Joint Stock Company celebrated the birthday for Intracom employees with birthdays and launches, introducing new employees.

December is the last month of the year, the month to end unhappy things and prepare for new beginnings of work, love and life. On behalf of the company, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Dung – Deputy Head of Project 2 gave gifts and sent good greetings to the employees who have birthdays in the month: “Wish everyone more new age always happy, even more happiness and success, especially to promote our full capacity to bring our Intracom together to a new level. ”

The brothers and sisters who have birthdays in December also sent their deep thanks to the Board of Directors for their interest in the spiritual life for him and sisters and wished the leaders of the company and all employees. a new year of health, happiness and wellbeing.

Just to congratulate the birthday of employees, just to congratulate Mậu Tuất’s new year, all employees unite, share and work together, the Organizing Committee organized the program “Bears have not yet, the wind has about “.

The birthday organization program for Intracom employees in December has created opportunities for people to exchange and share their feelings to understand each other more. This is not only a playground to build solidarity but also an opportunity for single brothers and sisters to find half of their love.

Some pictures of the program

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