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Celebrate the 2016 Vu Lan Festival

Saturday morning, August 6, 2016, July 4, Binh Than, in Intracom building, Phuc Dien ward, Bac Tu Liem district, TP. Hanoi, Trang Cuu Hoa Son Dao solemnly celebrated the Vu Lan Great Festival.


At exactly 7:30 am, Buddhists gather, solemnly prepare the program. The cultural show to celebrate the Vu Lan festival took place. Songs about father, about mother – about the person who was born was revered.

Quang Lam and witnessed the ceremony with the teachers from the monasteries always watching and accompanying the development of the ashram:

Venerable Thich Thong Quan – Elder of Truc Lam Yen Tu Monastery

Venerable Thich Kien Nguyet – abbot of Truc Lam Tay Thien TV

Venerable Thich Tam Thuan, abbot of Truc Lam Sung Phuc monastery

Venerable Thich Tinh Thien – deputy abbot of Truc Lam Sung Phuc monastery

In addition, there is the presence of monks who increase the pagoda’s abbots, Zen monasteries, and monasteries that have devoted precious time to the Cuu Hoa Son pagoda, and to witness the ceremony of Vu Lan Bao Hieu.


The PL 2560 Vu Lan Fa Conference officially celebrated, the leader of the bright and bright spirit, joined in the prayers to radiate the spirit of the four practitioners, sharing the same wish to be happy. All are full of sources of French touch, boundless source of joy.

To show respect and gratitude, the whole buddha of martyrdom vows to serve the Buddha’s words, relying on the increase of monastic vows, vowing to follow the old example of showing gratitude, but the beautiful heart of the flower offers the Triple Gem, offering respect to devotees to enter the path of filial piety.

After the offering of flowers and offerings, Nguyen Tam Lieu Buddhists offered the feeling of Vu Lan season with a very moving story about mother and son love.

Also in this program, the Venerable Monks preached the meaning of the Vu Lan Festival, the story of the touching story of the Venerable Rev.

And Vu Lan cannot lack the ritual of installing roses. Roses show an undying love:

  “The golden rose gives the Buddha Dharma the Sangha

  Red rose offering Mother Cha Vu Vu

  The white rose was shocked

  The mother of her mother is even more depressed

  Hong Huong and Mother lost Father Nephew at Mother’s feet, tearing up and blaming.



In this year’s Vu Lan program, there is also a part of parents’ gratitude ceremony. The season of Vu Lan won the festival, the season of gratitude and gratitude, was the occasion for the children to remember the grace of birth to nurture, to spread their hearts and to express their gratitude. Parents are the most profound, sacred and noble gifts in this life, whenever and wherever it is, that love always exists, creating the deepest feelings of passion, flowing in each heart. Son.

Wishing the program is the ceremony of chanting Vu Lan in solemnity and purity.

The Great Festival of Filial Poetry in 2016 – the Buddhist calendar 2560 of the Cuu Hoa Son ashram takes place in fullness in the warm atmosphere meaning gratitude and gratitude and accomplishment.

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