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Cam Thuy 1 Hydropower Plant officially fills water for the reservoir

Cam Thuy 1 Hydropower Plant Project is invested by Infrastructure Investment and Transportation Construction Joint Stock Company (Intracom) and built on the Ma River in the location of Cam Binh and Cam Luong communes, Cam Thuy district, Thanh Hoa province, with an investment of VND 1,300 billion.

The project has an installation capacity of 28.8 MW, an average output of 138,106 million kWh/year. In addition to the main task of supplying electricity to the national power system, the project also acts as a reservoir, increasing water sources for local agricultural production.

At present, Cam Thuy 1 Hydropower Plant Project is completed on schedule and officially accumulates water into the reservoir.

Cam Thuy 1 Hydropower Plant’s reservoir has a capacity of 14 million m3 of water; the reservoir bed area is more than 450 hectares, acting as a tool to store energy, allowing low-level electricity generation during off-peak hours to accumulate water which then flows out to generate electricity at peak hours daily. In addition, the water accumulation into the reservoir also helps hydropower plant control water level, regulate flow and control floods. For the localities, the reservoir is also the place to attract tourists and brings them economic development benefits.


Along with the important items such as plant, spillways, weir, flood and sand dams, water channels, locks, 2 generator sets, transformer stations and 110 KV connection lines, etc., the water accumulation into the reservoir is an important premise to ensure project progress, preparing for the national grid connection according to the proposed plan of Cam Thuy 1 Hydropower Plant.


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