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Cam Thuy 1 Hydropower Plant has been successfully connected transmission lines and 110KV substation

Cam Thuy 1 Hydropower Plant project is started its construction and built by Infrastructure Investment and Transportation Construction Joint Stock Company (Intracom) on the Ma River with an investment of VND 1300 billion. The project is located in two communes of Cam Binh and Cam Luong of Cam Thuy District, Thanh Hoa Province.

Cam Thuy 1 Hydropower Plant project is constructed by Intracom Group based on the advantages of topography of Cam Thuy District, in order to provide electricity for the national electricity system and to be a reservoir, increasing water sources for agricultural production activities of local people.

According to the design capacity, Cam Thuy 1 Hydropower Plant has an installation capacity of 28.8 MW. The average power output of the project is 138,106kWh. According to calculations, the reservoir capacity of hydropower plant is 14,836 million m3. The total area of Cam Thuy 1 Hydropower Plant project is up to 481ha. Upon operation, Cam Thuy 1 Hydropower Plant is expected to produce 120 million KWh of electricity each year.

So far, Cam Thuy 1 Hydropower Plant project has basically completed its important items, such as plant, spillways, rolling weir, flood dams, sand dam, water channel, locks, 2 generator sets, transformer station and 110 KV connection line, etc., preparing for the national grid connection according to the set plan. The successful generation of the transmission line and 110kv substation is considered an initial success of the project. That is the efforts of working day and night of Intracom staff and employees, especially those of the Department of Hydropower and personnel who are directly in charge of operations at the project.

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