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Buddhists of cuu hoa son organized a great ceremony for parents’ day (vu-Lan day) according to the bubbha calendar 2566

On the afternoon of August 10, 2022 (ie, July 13, the year of the Tiger) at Phuong Dong General Hospital, Cuu Hoa Son Dao solemnly held the Great Ceremony of Vu Lan Day (Parents’ Day) according to Buddha Calendar 2566, Solar Calendar 2022.

Buddhists of Cuu Hoa Son held the great ceremony of Vu Lan Day according to Buddha Calendar 2566

Vu Lan Day has become the traditional culture of the Vietnamese people for thousands of years. This is the time for each person to practice and inculcate the vows of filial piety and filial piety to their parents, grandparents and loved ones, and also a time to remember the ancestors, the nine ancestral ancestors; Grateful to the heroes of the National Heroes, Heroes and Martyrs, who have contributed to the country

Vu Lan ceremony took place solemnly and respectfully

Vu Lan Ceremony of Cuu Hoa Son Buddha Calendar 2566 attended by Venerable Thich Tinh Thuan, Abbot of Truc Lam Tue Duc Zen Monastery (Vinh Phuc); Venerable Thich Tam Thuan, Abbot of Truc Lam Sung Phuc Zen Monastery (Hanoi); Most Venerable Thich Thong Pho, abbot of Truc Lam Chinh Phap Zen Monastery (Tuyen Quang) and other monks at Sung Phuc, Chinh Phap, Tue Duc and all Buddhists who are staff members of the Intracom system attended.

The ceremony of offering flowers is performed by Buddhist men and women, showing respect and gratitude to the holy Buddhas, ancestors and parents. Flowers are considered as the person or body and mind of Buddhists. Offering flowers is an expression of spiritual practice. The beautiful and fresh flowers signify that the practitioner’s efforts will receive good retribution in the future of the Buddhists.

Buddhist Nguyen Thi Anh reads a memorial to Vu Lan

The space of the Great Ceremony seemed to settle down when the Buddhists shared the feelings of Vu Lan. Each post of gratitude is a deep voice about the gratitude of birth, upbringing with parents, expressing respect for Vu Lan ceremony and vowing to take filial piety as the first in life. Many Buddhists were moved when they heard Vu Lan’s words of gratitude and could not hold back their tears in memory and gratitude to their parents.

Many Buddhists are touched when listening to Vu Lan’s memorial songs

In a dignified and warm atmosphere, Venerable Thich Tinh Thuan gave a lecture on the origin and meaning of the Vu Lan ceremony for all Buddhists. Accordingly, the origin of the Vu Lan filial piety ceremony comes from the Vu Lan Sutra, the Buddha told the story of the venerable Muc Kien Lien saving his mother, Mrs. Thanh Đề, who had passed away from the life of a hungry ghost. Vu Lan ceremony has the meaning of gratitude for the merits of birth, raising, and encouraging Buddhists to practice filial piety, especially for those who are lucky and their parents in life are the best way to repay. In particular, the Venerable also emphasized that the prerequisite of filial piety is to clean the mind of afflictions, to be filial and filial, to transform the mind to be filial and dignified in order to fully practice filial piety. If you do this, every day is a day of Vu Lan, spreading goodness.

Most Venerable Thich Tinh Thuan preached about the origin and meaning of Vu Lan Festival

The ceremony of setting roses is a sacred moment that all Buddhists wish for when the day of filial piety returns. Buddhists are placed on the chest of a rose, the noble symbol of Vu Lan, to commemorate the merits of raising the father. Those lucky enough to have both parents will wear a red rose on their chest, if there is no mother or father, a pink rose, and if both parents go to the land of bliss, they will wear a rose. white. The flower-laying ceremony arouses the awareness that every Buddhist needs to make more efforts to study diligently in order to be worthy of being a full-fledged Buddhist practitioner with “Hieu” word: filial piety in the religion, filial piety in the heart and filial piety in virtue.

Each of them put a rose on their chest to commemorate the gratitude of their parents

In addition, Vu Lan ceremony also performed a ceremony to pay homage to the four great graces, reminding each Buddhist to remember and repay the four great graces, including: Parental grace, Teacher’s grace, Nation’s grace, and Tam Bao grace. The ceremony of offering four offerings showed sincerity to the monks.

During the ceremony, the senior monks praised the merits of the leaders of Intracom Group and its member units, despite their busy work, they always cared about staff, organized many meaningful activities for everyone to enjoy. People are allowed to learn Buddhist teachings, build a moral and good-natured life. The Venerables also especially emphasized the feelings and sincerity of Vu Lan’s memorials in the Great Ceremony, which touched the deepest corners of each person’s heart, moved and dedicated people’s hearts deeply.

The great ceremony has aroused filial piety in every child of Buddha

Most Venerable Thich Truc Thong Pho sent his word of love to Vu Lan, affirming that the debt of gratitude from parents to each person cannot be forgotten. Vu Lan ceremony is an opportunity to remember the birth of two people, blooming in the heart of the flower of filial piety.

After the words of the Venerable Master proved, the venerable monks and nuns and Buddhist monks performed the ritual of chanting Vu Lan sutras. The Organizing Committee sent sincere thanks to all the venerable monks and Buddhist friends who attended and made the ceremony a success.

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