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Beginning the Spring round of pleasures of the Year of the Pig, 2019, at Intracom: Intimate and cozy

As usual, on the first day of working after the Lunar New Year holiday, the leaders, staff and employees of the Intracom system gather and meet each other in the joyful atmosphere of the early spring days.

After the Lunar New year holiday in the hot weather, the Ceremony of beginning the Spring round of pleasures takes place in the cold weather drizzle in accordance with the spring style. The colleagues meet again after the Lunar New Year holiday and eagerly send each other sincere and meaningful wishes. The most profound and coziest is the wish and encouragement of the Board of Management to all Intracom members in the New Year Day. All staff and employees of Intracom system are looking forward to the optimistic development prospects this year and show the determination to successfully achieve the business targets.

Intracom’s Board of Management sends their best wishes to all staff and employees in the whole company

The special performances from the talented staff of Intracom are indispensable in the spring welcoming ceremony. With a thorough, sophisticated and diversified investment, this year’s performances create a profound impression on every employee.


More specifically, with careful preparation from the organizers and the stirring up of the MC, the spring welcoming ceremony 2019 takes place extremely excitingly. Many interesting games are organized to bring laughter to the staff and employees.


The lucky money program is expected by everyone. The lucky money envelops are expected to bring luck, fortune and happiness to every member of the Intracom family in the year of the Pig.


The joys, laughter and excitement of every employee of Intracom are the success of the Spring Welcoming Ceremony this year. This is also an opportunity to increase the connection between the Board of Management and staff and employees, between employee and employee, creating unforgettable impressions on strong Intracom corporate culture.

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