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“Baybymon” maternity break – welcome a child in fully happy

Putting the mother as the center, empowering the father to feel the father's love early, the sweet Babymoon maternity holiday is the dedication and effort of Phuong Dong General Hospital (a brand of Intracom Group) dedicated to it. to Vietnamese families on the journey to welcome the birth of their beloved child.

First maternity vacation in Vietnam

Babymoon’s original meaning is known around the world as birth tourism. First, it’s simply that single mothers travel to a place far away from home to give birth, but then it’s more common, meaning a vacation to help husband and wife psychologically relax and prepare for the next day’s pregnancy and baby care.

Phuong Dong General Hospital

Inspired by that meaning, Phuong Dong General Hospital has “birthed” a completely new service – the first maternity holiday in Vietnam with the official name Babymoon on August 13, 2022. This is the sweet journey of parents to welcome their children, without pressure, without stress, but full of satisfaction, care and sharing. Pregnant women do not have to face hardships and fatigue alone, but will be shared by their husbands and by the hospital’s doctors.

Upgraded from the package maternity service, Babymoon adds many benefits for pregnant mothers to have the best experience such as taking pictures of pregnant women; organizing prenatal and postnatal classes; pregnant massage to call milk and prevent clogged milk ducts; baby massage; VIP lounge for family members…

In particular, the maternity holiday has a Babymoon Party – “New Moon Party” for those who are about to become fathers and mothers to bond more emotionally together, have a moment of romance and relaxation, and prepare mentally. and gently welcome the baby born. Experiencing such things as “dating” parties in the new love period or “honeymoon” parties, “New Moon Party” at Sen Phuong Dong restaurant with unique art, conquering all senses of parents.

New moon party at Sen Phuong Dong restaurant

Taking the mother as the center

Regardless of whether it is the first birth or how many times, a mother’s life is always disturbed in terms of appearance, physiology, and health. Having a baby is a natural task, but it is not an easy task. Pregnant women always deserve to receive the best care conditions, the most attentive attention. With the mother as the center, the maternity leave provides complete peace of mind for the mother to welcome her baby to the happiest version of herself.

Choose your Babymoon maternity leave, you and your family can track your pregnancy and delivery with an experienced doctor in the field of obstetrics with optional doctor privileges, starting with prenatal ultrasound visits periodically.

When giving birth naturally, there will always be a good team of doctors – midwives accompanying the mother as soon as the mother shows signs of labor. The mother is applied a painless delivery method, cosmetic perineal stitches to minimize pain or loss of strength, worry about the consequences of normal delivery. The handshakes, instructions, words of praise and encouragement of the doctors and nurses are the motivation for the mother to have a successful and safe birth.

When giving birth by cesarean section, professional doctors will help the mother’s incision to be neat and heal quickly. The time for the cesarean section is so fast that with just a short conversation, there are even mothers who hear their baby cry “oe… oe…” and still think the doctor has not started.

Babymoon helps moms pick up their babies safely and happily

In addition, Babymoon always thoughtfully prepares A – Z everything that parents need to pick up their children such as a comfortable room full of mother and baby care; nutritious and varied meals; doctors and nurses support day and night.

Empower the father

Babymoon takes the mother as the center but does not “forget” the father when the baby is born. The father will be able to monitor the fetal heart rate and give birth naturally, have skin-to-skin contact with the baby early, be guided on how to hold the baby, change diapers and bottle-feed the baby or simple manipulations to take care of the mother after birth. The “privileges” given to dad during the Babymoon maternity leave help him to feel the fatherhood deeply, understand his mother’s feelings and be proud of his “divine mission”.

Maternity vacation helps parents welcome their baby gently

In particular, the hospital’s doctors and nurses will take care of everything from A – Z. So, even in the case, only the father takes the mother to give birth, the father is still very gentle, comfortable, excited to welcome the child completely, without having to worry about anything.

The birth of a child is a sacred milestone for every father and mother. Babymoon maternity vacation gives parents a wonderful holiday to warm up their feelings, help mothers have a gentle labor and give their babies the best as soon as “goodbye” to the mother’s womb to come to the world full of love.

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