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"Capable of national affairs and duteous at housework" and "Typical Handico employees' families" are meaningful movements, attracting a large number of employees of Hanoi Housing Investment and Development Corporation (Handico) to participate, becoming an ambitious goal of many women of TCT. At the 2022 summary conference, the Handico Trade Union has agreed that individuals and collectives have won the title of "good at domestic work" and "Typical Handico employee's family" in 2022, in which, Intracom Group There are 01 team, 02 individuals and 02 families won the title.

As a multi-industry company, Intracom Group’s female workforce is present in all areas of the company’s operations, from management, operations, and employees, to heavy-duty jobs such as construction, installation, machine stand; in which there are many women who are holding important positions in the leadership of the unit.

Intracom “wonder women” are not only beautiful, and talented but also extremely brave. Regardless of position or field, the sense of responsibility, initiative, and completion of assigned tasks is always put on top by women.

They also joined their male colleagues in management and administration, always closely at construction sites and projects; despite the long distance, and difficult living conditions. In addition, many employees do not mind working overtime to contribute to the completion and progress of work and projects.

In particular, Intracom women are always active in learning and improving their skills by actively participating in professional training courses organized by the Company. Regularly cultivate skills and knowledge to serve professional work to always be “capable of national affairs”.

Intracom women take care of the housework – Efforts to fulfill both roles

Not only are the colleagues dedicated and devoted to work, after every hour of work, but Intracom women also return home, taking on the role of responsible child, mother, and wife.

Although they have to hold many jobs, they always know how to arrange work in a clever and scientific way to both ensure the completion of the assigned work and fulfill the role of a good wife and a good wife; Never let work affect family and vice versa.

In addition to skillfully cultivating a peaceful and happy home, Intracom women are also role models for raising obedient, well-educated, and successful children. In the past 2022, Intracom Group has awarded many meaningful gifts to reward the children of the company’s employees with excellent academic achievements. In which, many children won prizes in provincial and city awards and excellent students at the school level… These are all sweet fruits that are devotedly cultivated and cared for by Intracom Group females.

Female employees who are ” duteous at housework”, “typical Handico’s family” in 2022 at Intracom Group

In the movement of “Being duteous at housework”, and “Typical family of Handico employees” in 2022, over 70% of Handico female employees won the title of “Good at national affairs – Duteous at housework” at the grassroots level; 33 collectives, 56 female employees of Handico won the title of “Good at national affairs – Duteous at housework” at the Corporation level. The whole Corporation has more than 300 families won the title of “Typical Employee’s Family” at the grassroots level, 59 families won the title of “Typical Employee’s Family” at the Corporation level; 1 individual was awarded “Typical Capital Women’s Officials” and 1 family won the title “Typical Employee’s Family” at City level…

In which, 01 collective, 02 individuals, and 02 families of Intracom Group have won the title in the movement “good at doing domestic work” “family of typical Handico employees” in 2022. Specifically:

The collective “good at domestic work, doing housework” belongs to the Office Dept.

02 individuals won the award including Ms. Bui Thi Thoa – Deputy General Director, and Ms. Hoang Thi Yen – Accountant.

Two typical Handico employees’ families belong to Mr. Pham Dang Khoa’s family – Project Manager 2 and Mr. Nguyen Van Thinh’s family – Head of the M&E department.

The emulation movement “Good at national affairs – Duteous at housework”, and “The typical Handico employee’s family” has had a strong impact on building and improving the quality of female employees, arousing internal resources and responsibilities of employees. female employees for the progress and development of themselves, their families, and the community. Through the movement of women asserting themselves, the Trade Union better performs the function and task of taking care of and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of female employees.

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