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Attractive discount on the occasion of opening Phuong Dong General Hospital

Phuong Dong General Hospital provides discount up to 50% of all medical services:

1. 20% discount for all services

2. 50% discount for Gastroscopy

3. 26% discount for maternity all-in package service

4. 50% discount for boarding bed cost 

5. 40% discount for magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography scan service

6. 40% discount for 4D ultrasound service 

7. 40% discount for X-ray service

8. 35% discount for cancer annual screening

9. Free of charge for Ent-Eye-Odontology examination

Time: From February 18th, 2019 to the end of May 18th, 2019


Phuong Dong General Hospital has attempted to become a comprehensive medical service location – a non-public leader with prestige and quality in the country.

– Phuong Dong Hospital, including 9 specialties: Internal, External, Maternity, Ent-Eye-Odontology, Examination, Pediatrics, Image diagnose, Testing, Pharmacy, and some specialized support centers such as the Center for Vaccination Consultancy, Cosmetology, etc, is located at 9, Pho Vien, Co Nhue, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi.


– Phuong Dong Hospital’s service quality is assured by both internal medical leading experts such as Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Thai Son; Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Hong Hanh; Associate Professor, Dr. Ho Sy Ha; Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Thuy Vinh; Prof. Hoang Duc Kiet, Second Degree Specialist Nguyen Duc Thuan, etc, and other experts and doctors from the international network.


– All advanced and modern devices and equipment are imported from prestigious suppliers in the world, ensuring accurate results of diagnosis and treatment process. The close-knit relationship between Phuong Dong and international medical centers and hospitals around the world such as France, Japan, Cuba, Hungary has promoted the upgrade of advanced medical technologies, patient treatment experiences.


– The operation of Phuong Dong General Hospital will help to reduce the workload for other public hospitals in the city.


Phuong Dong General Hospital experienced and highly qualified medical doctors


Bringing happiness to customers is the priority for all activities of Phuong Dong General Hospital


Phuong Dong General Hospital modern infrastructure following 5-star standard, ready to bring the best experiences to customers


With the mission of cherishing human physical and mental values, Phuong Dong hospital always welcomes customers in need of medical consultation and treatment through the contact channels:

Hotline: 1900.1806

Emergency: 0833.015.115



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