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An hour of “enjoying tea” with the General Director of Intracom

Someone told me that in life there are very strange people who bring positive sources of energy and “convert” the people around them not by the “sledge-hammer” dogmas but just by lifestyle, “good heart” and peace. And among many people I have interviewed, perhaps General Director Nguyen Thanh Viet is the one who brings this feeling to the opposite …

“Tea Meditation” …

I meet the businessman, Nguyen Thanh Viet at Phuong Dong Hospital – where Intracom is investing in and is going to be completed. Because the campus is too large and there are too many rooms, I “loss my way”. Because of that, I have the opportunity to “witness” the hospital – a place known as the “international standard model”. Although it has not been yet inaugurated, the wide and convenient location with modern room design will soon make this area become a medical examination place to serve people with high quality service.

The room of the Chairman of the Board of Directors is located on the 13th floor, overlooking the beautiful area with many trees and airy space. The fragrance of agarwood emitting gently makes the person entering the room feel of peace and relief, etc.

I often think that entrepreneurs are very busy with their work, so if I get the chance to interview them, I will not be chatty but ask a lot of questions to exploit necessary information. However, for Nguyen Thanh Viet, it is completely different. He is the one who starts asking the question; he asks me about my work, family and life, like a big friend who has not met for a long time. He also does not give me the feeling of being busy and hurry as he sits at the tea table, boils the water and starts brewing a teapot for the guest. The way of brewing tea in a very calm mind makes me feel as if the person sitting in front of me was an artist in this area. He says that “enjoying tea” helps people calm down after work pressures, which can be called “tea meditation”. Inviting me a cup of tea, he pours a little of tea into a separate teapot and says that this tea is for his wife who is attending a meeting with the staff next door and she is working hard, so she needs to be served a cup of fragrant tea. He asks his wife to take care of the decoration and design for the Phuong Dong General Hospital because women will bring subtleness and coziness for a place to “save people” like this. The smallest things need to be learned and a cup of tea is not only to drink but also to feel love.

Forget myself – that’s ideal of life

I am curious and intend to “argue” about what he is self-assured: “The ultimate goal of my life is happiness to serve others”, etc. However, when I talk to him, I am completely convinced by this view. Life or business requires the keyword “happiness”, but happiness to serve others does not seem easy to meet in this troubled life – I think so before meeting him.

Nguyen Thanh Viet probably “grasps” this doubt, so he explains in a very simple way by many levels. Firstly, from the perspective of business people, he says that business is a profession to serve others; if you want your business to be effective and successful, customers’ satisfaction is the most important thing, etc. The attentive service altitude will bring you profit and the most important thing is “gain the trust” of customers.

In fact, everyone wants to gain high income, and businesses want to develop but have not yet had a culture of service. And this view, which has become a less positive habit in our business environment in our country, needs to be changed.

Perhaps, because of that viewpoint of the leader, Intracom is always reputable and highly effectiveve even in the field of services, real estate investment projects or public health. For the staff, he always set a demand for customer service “The products of Intracom are also in the same spirit; all must put their hearts into each product, and it is love and belief of Intracom to create products, each house delivered to customers and everyone”.

It is clear that not only in the business sector, but at a higher level that is the service of the community and society, for those who stand on top of others, they will pursue happiness for their whole life and never find it, but for those who live humbly, put others’ interests higher than their own ones, live for everyone and know their own limit, happiness will come with them, etc.

“When you serve others well and bring a lot of good things for life, of course, you are somewhat enjoy a part, even a small part but it is not less honorable and that is happiness, etc.” – the businessman, Nguyen Thanh Viet confides.

Perhaps because of that, Mr. Viet has built and developed business in association with Buddhism. Buddhism appreciates the dedication to the community to bring happiness to others. That is also the goal that he and Intracom always aim to.

The highest level is the religious level. At this level, he humbly says that it is the goal of his life. Religion in Buddhism is a non-self and altruistic soul. People are distressful because of their own self, and when they are completely enlightened “giving up all, gaining all”, they may “reach the peak of the Way”.

When we still see ourselves, see others, and feel miserable, we have to serve others, and when we still feel selfless about something and other things, etc., the mind is not liberated. “My goal is not to earn a lot of money, implement a lot of projects and help a lot of people because “a lot” is just finite, but my ultimate goal is to forget myself. It is very difficult to do it, and it requires to practice and train every day and even though the road is difficult, I always think that it is ideal of life”, etc.

An hour of “enjoying tea” with a lot of material for the article and many lessons for myself, but I should only discuss “happiness” here to open up many interesting things for other stories as well.

The fragrance of agarwood in the room of the businessman seems to attach to the mind of the person who is enjoying it until he/she leave. When the door of the room opens, I see a lot of young people waiting outside; perhaps they could wait for an interview for work.

I suddenly think that it will be lucky to be employees here, with a “boss” with talent and heart and a company that is nurtured by a culture “happiness is to serve others”.

By Ha Van – Journalist and Public Opinion

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