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Vietnam’s agriculture is considered to have great development potential. Besides the advantage of “golden forest, silver sea” and favorable climate, Vietnam’s agriculture also has the strength of abundant human resources, low labor costs and competitive prices. However, the reality shows that the agricultural production sector in our country has not developed commensurate with its potential. The reason is that Vietnam’s agriculture still has many problems such as: abuse of chemicals, weight gain drugs affecting the quality of agricultural products, destroying the environment and consumers’ health; using outdated and fragmented technology, unstable sources of plants and seeds, etc.

Understanding that situation and the desire and aspiration to develop Vietnam’s agriculture, Intracom currently has detailed plans and projects in the agricultural field, going into two main goals:

* Investment in developing clean agriculture

* Develop agriculture towards modernization

Accordingly, Intracom will update and master technology, grasp the process to form a closed clean agricultural chain from production to consumption, helping to improve income, competitiveness and affirm the brand of the company. Vietnamese agricultural products.

Developing clean agriculture and high-tech agriculture is the main trend of the agricultural industry in the future. Therefore, Intracom very much wishes to become an important link in promoting the development of Vietnam’s agriculture, for the health and benefits of consumers.


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