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The aging process usually begins to accelerate from the age of 60 onwards. Therefore, 60 years old is an important milestone marking the official entry into old age. This is also the time when the elderly and their relatives should think about how to make the elderly enjoy life happily. A truly happy old age is about living for yourself.

How to have a happy old age?

In the book “Happiness in Old Age”, Doctor Do Hong Ngoc “catches” 3 common sufferings of the elderly:

First, missing friends. Looking back and forth, they leave gradually.

Second, underfed. It sounds strange, as the economic conditions are getting better and better these days, how can there be a shortage of food?! The lack of food here is not because there is no way to eat, but because old people odd dishes and have to listen to their stomaches.

Third, lack of activeness. In old age, the legs become heavy, they refuse to listen anymore. Joints stiffen, swell, bones become thin, brittle, easily break…!

If the above three diseases can be solved, it can be said that old age is happy.

A happy old age is all about having a soul mate, participating in group activities, improving health, and being active instead of just sitting in one place. If the body is healthy, the mind will be happy.

Studies have shown that elderly people who still have regular mental activities and practice appropriate sports will maintain their mental clarity and optimism. This is the fundamental to build a happy old age.

Is being with children happy?

There are still many notions that living with children in old age is the happiest thing. But today’s modern pace of life forces people to live with hustle and bustle. That’s there is limitation in taking care of others. Many elderly people choose to live with their children so that they can help them take care of the house or their grandchildren. But when children go to work, go to school all day, this period is the most mundane time. Many families also want to be close to their parents for care and conversation, but the difference in lifestyle and thinking between generations in the family also makes the stories blurred. As a result, even though they live in their own house and live with their children, the elderly feel forgotten, narcissistic and extremely lonely.

Moreover, in big cities like Hanoi, the area of ​​green space is shrinking, finding an open living space for the elderly to have fun, exercise, and sports is also relatively difficult. . Therefore, many elderly people just hang around the house, have little opportunity to communicate with friends. It is these things that have created loneliness – the most feared enemy of the elderly – the cause of sorrows and threats of disease.

Thus, if they are reunited with their children and grandchildren, but they are busy making a living, leaving their parents alone at home, both parents and children cannot be happy, and the filial piety is also incomplete. Furthermore, the elderly are often sick, it’s hard to take care thoroughly without specialization and adequate tme.

To bring join and happiness to the elderly, let them live in a suitable environment and be able to do the things they love.

Enjoy the old age like a vacation

The best way to help the elderly lead a full and happy old age is to find a safe living environment where the elderly can socialize, make friends, participate in social activities, and receive health care. and have a proper diet. Let’s transform the loneliness, fear, boredom of the elderly by living a more positive life with a smile on their lips. Many elderly people today  take care of their own happiness in an artistic and very successful way. Instead of choosing to live with their children, many elderly people choose to live for themselves, looking to good nursing homes to enjoy a new, happy life with people of the same generation.

With the desire to bring the elderly a peaceful and happy living space, with comprehensive care from health to spiritual life, Intracom Group has invested in the project of Asahi Oriental  Nursing Home at 9 Street. Vien, Co Nhue, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi. Asahi Oriental Nursing Home started construction in July 2022 and is expected to go into operation from July 2023. This is a type of resort combined with nursing care, a great destination that elite elderly people are looking for.

Unlike other nursing homes, Phuong Dong Asahi is the only nursing home in Vietnam that is attached to a synchronous and high-class health care system under the Oriental Medical Complex, along with a living space. Large green area with diverse service facilities, Japanese standards. The project forms a miniature society with full high-class facilities for the elderly, helping the elderly to enjoy life with many physical and mental enhancement activities.

Oriental Asahi Nursing Home offers resort rooms from 1 to 4 beds and a variety of forms of care including: long-term, short-term or semi-boarding. Depending on the needs and desires of the elderly, families can easily choose the appropriate room type. Asahi  Oriental Nursing Home also divides private resort space, meeting the care needs of the elderly who are still healthy and lucid; elderly people with dementia problems; Elderly people have illnesses such as strokes, and can’t walk.

The entire system of furniture and medical equipment at Oriental Nursing Home are imported directly from developed countries to ensure the best health care and resort service experience for the elderly. Some health care jobs for elderly patients have also been modernized by applying high-tech machines, such as a system of automatic shower machines for the elderly, the sick or not being able to take care of personal hygiene.

One of the most outstanding facilities at Asahi Oriental Nursing Home is the Japanese standard Onsen area, which offers the privilege of helping the elderly to take a mineral bath at any time, providing effective support in treatment and improvement. improve health, mental relax. The Onsen bath utilities  at Oriental nursing home is designed into 8 hot and cold mineral pools, 10 saunas of various types such as Loyly, Ganba, Hinoki, Rock salt, combined with interesting Jimjibang area, and services. High-class health care such as Spa, Massage… gives Asahi  Oriental elderly a closed and intensive care and treatment process.

With a large green space and modern and smart facilities, the elite elderly residents can live in a safe living environment, do what they like, receive dedicated health care and socialize. Make friends with friends of the same generation.

Life is improving, the elite is increasing, the elderly are affluent, and want to have a space to enjoy life like a vacation, then Orient Asahi is the right choice. It is a great way to help the elderly to live for themselves, to find happiness in every ordinary moment of life.

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