Intracom 2 TOWER


INTRACOM 2 is a complex building with public services and office for lease and appartment in Phu Dien commune, Tu Liem district, Hanoi.

The project is located on a land area of ​​3,743 m2. The project is built with the technical infrastructure inside and outside of the building such as high speed elevators, modern fire protection system, clean air supply system, high pressure wind and exhaust gas, solid waste treatment system, rain water drainage system, dirty water drainage  system, external water supply system, telephone system, cable television system, computer network. The connection point to the project area is located with underground cable , lighting system outside the home …

The project includes trees such as apricot blossom … are planted around the land to create shade and layout small landscape with lawns, small flower gardens, creating a relaxing place for residents, making the confortable conditions.

The special point of the project is located in the favorable location with the Northwest bordering planned road, the Southeast bordering with Cau Dien market, the Northeast bordering No. 32 road, the Southwest bordering regional road that it makes facilitates for the movement and living of people living and working in the building.

The project will contribute to the city a modern living environment, meeting a part of the demand for housing of the people.

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