Intracom 1 is a residential complex for offices, public services and housing in Trung Van Wards, NamTu Liem District, Hanoi.

The project is next to Trung Van New urban area, with two sides of project is contiguous to Trung Van road and the planning road connecting Le Van Luong street, in the area of ​​Trung Van wards, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi. Together with the Trung Van New Urban Area, INTRACOM 1 creates a residential complex with technical infrastructure as well as complete social infrastructure.

The whole project is fully equipped with technical infrastructure such as: high speed elevator, waste treatment system and modern fire protection system and social infrastructure such as kindergarten, beautiful and spacious park, ensuring the best quality of life for residents living and working here.

Upon completion, the project meets part of the housing demand of the people in the renovation period, expanding the capital, contributing to the capital a beautiful architecture, harmonious with the general landscape of area.

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