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The meaning of INTRACOM logo

Logo of the company is simple, easy to understand, express the construction industry characteristics by three towers. The towers represent the modern, crowded, and civilized and have the meaning of development. Besides, the circle around logo shows the trend of development and global integration.

The main activities are investment in infrastructure construction, urban areas, industrial and hydropower projects, transportation, etc. Intracom is reaching to develop into a multi-disciplinary group.

Three towers have the shape of the letter I – the first letter of the brand Intracom. The letter ” I ” is referred to as Investment or International. It implies that Intracom develops everywhere, global coverage. Besides, 3 towers are arranged in 3 levels, also called “THREE GRADE” representing the development of the company. The number 3 in the concept of the East is also a meaningful number of harmonies – “THREE of HARMONY” between the three elements: sky, earth and human.

In addition, the logo represents some abstract meanings such as the strong breakthrough, the balance, the clearly, transparency and friendly operation.

Logo uses 3 colors Yellow, Red, Green with meaning:

Yellow color : Symbolizes for the wisdom, trust and prosperity (Yellow – Earth).

Red color : Symbolizes for the enthusiasm, the  strength and assertive (Red – Fire)

Green color : The peace and tranquility, the color of life and development …