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Intracom – business culture in the time of economic integration (July 1st, 2011)

The essence of the business culture is to demonstrate the virtues of the business person, which is reflected in the honesty, reputation with the customer, the responsibility to the community without pursuing personal profit or benefit to cheat or use tricks for profiteering, including the exclusion of competitors in the market.

Buddhism and the value of business culture

Applying Buddhist philosophy to business is not a new field in Vietnamese country, but many companies could not apply it successfully because the life as well as business activities are constantly moving. On the other hand, business culture are also evaluated from many angles. Currently, many businesses have advocated to improve their reputation through business philosophy such as serving customers perfectly, customers are god, the believe more precious than gold … the same other philosophies has a long-term impact on the sustainable development, showing the value of the business culture of the company, these philosophies largely derived from the philosophy of Buddhism.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Viet  (The second from the left) – the Chairman of Intracom at a charity event in Bat Xat , Lao Cai district.

The leading element of business culture

Intracom has successfully applied the Buddhist philosophy in the business of the company. We can understand that the culture of “compassion – wisdom” that Intracom applies is: life as well as business, people do not dislike, do not unfair competition that protect, create value for each other to achieve the goal is to be happy. And the business philosophy for the benefit and happiness of many people, meaning business culture of Intracom expressed the factors: the standards of lifestyle, culture, honesty, wisdom, respect, compliance with the law, responsibility for the community, sustainable development, creativity for national interests; As such, social responsibility has become a key element of the business culture that Intracom apply.
Culture business for sustainable development

For sustainable development, each enterprise has its own cultural identity, according to Professor Dao Duy Quat, Editor-in-Chief of the Communist Party of Vietnam Electronic Newspaper, the business owners have a decisive role in developing the culture business because they are directly leaders , and they are the cultural examples for all members of the business to follow. According to Venerable Thich Tri Chon, “Entrepreneurs work with clear minds, benefit oneself, see the truth, see the rules, the changes of life and apply these seeing into everyday life.

 In contrast, the performance is very good, having a successful career but if entrepreneurs cannot find the moment of inner peace, not see the nature, their life are still poor persons”